About Us

Cielito Coffee started as a passion for backpacking and learning the Spanish language. These interests inspired several trips to Colombia, specifically the country’s world-renowned coffee belt. Motivated by several nights on coffee farms, and an introduction to coffee cultivation, we returned to Nassau, Bahamas in January 2021. After an analysis to understand the Bahamian coffee market, Cielito Coffee was launched in March 2021.

Cielito translates to “a little piece of heaven”. Although a Spanish word in a Bahamian market, the name captures the coffee farm experience that inspired the business, and highlights the authenticity and traceability of our Colombian coffee products.

Cielito Coffee sources its products directly from the world’s best Colombian coffee farmers. Our farmers harvest coffee to order, and roast coffee based on our customer preference. Through direct trade relationships, and exceptional customer service, our mission is to provide all Bahamians access to the world’s best coffee.