A little piece of heaven
in a cup of Colombian coffee

Cielito is committed to bringing you the highest quality coffee from
world-class farmers in Colombia. We source our beans directly from select
coffee farms, so we can ensure that each cup tastes as good as it looks!

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Regional Blend

Medium dark roast – Dark roast

A beautiful blend of Castillo and Caturra beans, designed to offer a diverse taste profile in one cup. For those looking for a strong, bold cupping experience, we recommend the Regional Blend in a dark roast.

El Viento (The Breeze)

Medium dark – dark roast

Our best seller – silky smooth, well-balanced, simply delicious, epitomizes what the world recognizes as excellent Colombian coffee. This coffee performs well on its own for the purist or with creamers.

El Valle

Medium roast, Medium – dark roast

Quickly emerged as the favorite for our dark-roast lovers. With a medium-light body and acidity, combined with a superior taste, these beans offer a sophisticated, classy cup of coffee that will blow you away.

About Us

Cielito Coffee started as a passion for backpacking and learning the Spanish language. These interests inspired several trips to Colombia, where we spent several nights on coffee farms, and experienced specialty coffee for the first time. After drinking several delicious cups of coffee and learning about coffee cultivation, we launched Cielito Coffee in March 2021. We specialize in the distribution of specialty Colombian coffee in The Bahamas.

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