Reasons Why You Should Love Cold Brew Coffee

So, What Is Cold Brew? Cold brew is simply coffee that has been brewed with cold rather than hot water and usually involves a long steeping process anywhere between 12-24 hours. In terms of flavor, cold brew is generally characterized as smooth, low-acid, and heavier than its hot brewed counterparts

Kaiku Caffé Latte experts say that cold coffee is better, because it multiplies its benefits, its flavors and aromas are better appreciated, it is healthier, hydrates more and keeps you happier for longer.

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Explosion of flavors

Nowadays, consumers are more and more demanding in terms of taste, so cold coffee offers more opportunities to appreciate different aromas; things that you would not appreciate in the same way in a hot coffee. Hot coffee “burns” many nuances of the beans, and they disappear.

Cold coffee intensifies them and gives a younger and more pleasant coffee flavor. Iced coffee” is also suitable for creating sweetened flavors such as vanilla variants.

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Benefits of cold brew coffee

There is no shortage of research on the benefits of drinking cold coffee, which is healthier for the stomach and tooth enamel. Except for something as obvious as the burning sensation on the tongue that hot coffee often causes. 

According to a University of Birmingham study, drinking cold coffee in moderation provides hydration similar to water, while providing the convenience of drinking anytime in an easy-to-carry “cup”. You don’t have to wait to drink it like hot coffee, it’s a 100% fresh way to quench your thirst instantly.

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The best partner for exercise

Hot coffee before exercise? This is not a very common combination. But harnessing the cooling potential of cold coffee along with the benefits of caffeine can improve our performance during our workouts.

Coffee releases fatty acids from our adipose tissue, which improves the performance of pre-workout drinkers. Cold-brewed coffee prepares the body for training and helps you lose weight and burn calories at the same time.

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Makes you happier

The increasingly widespread passion for iced coffee has a hidden reason. According to research led by the prestigious Harvard University School of Public Health, coffee drinkers tend to show a higher degree of happiness and are affected by a lower risk of depression.

This benefit is increased in the case of cold coffee, since it is usually associated with a moment of pleasure and respite, rather than with the “shot” of survival caffeine provided by hot coffee drunk in the morning or after a meal.

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